We’re thrilled to help all of our patients regain the joy and experience hearing can bring to life. Below are some stories our patients have shared with us and it brings us great gratitude that we were able to make such positive impacts on their lives.

I recently met with Yasmin Battat to check the hearing aid in my left ear. My right ear had a traumatic injury so I thought I was “getting by” until the aid started to fail and needed repair. We went over my past history and Yasmin suggested retesting. I was elated when testing showed I could hear very well with aids in both ears. I can now hear sounds I haven’t heard for a long time.

I am so thankful that Yasmin “turned the page” for me.

— Joyce Oliver

What can I say about the Phonak CROS B…WOW. For the past 30+ years all I ever wore was In-the-Ear hearing aids. The biggest issue I have with my previous hearing aids is the tinniness and lack of clarity. This my first experience with a Behind-the-Ear hearing aid and what a difference. The Phonak CROS B does everything it promises; it has provided me with confidence to interact with others without struggling. It has various settings for different situations and can be adjusted to fit individual needs. My Audiologist, Dr. Yasmin Battat, listened to my concerns and made the necessary adjustments for a more comfortable experience. She has gone beyond to ensure that I was 100% satisfied…Thank you Dr. Battat.

— Anonymous

Modern technology never ceases to amaze me.

I have been wearing hearing aids for at least 15 years. I was just fitted for the latest models. Unbelievable!!! I am hearing things I haven’t heard in a very long time.

My grateful appreciation to Dr. James Boozan’s office and as a special thanks to Yasmin Battat for her very caring help.

— Geraldine Wisniewski

Suffice it say that my life has now changed. Having been born totally deaf in my left ear and partially deaf in my right ear, I made adjustments in school, in my social life and in my private life at home. The science was not advanced when I was born so I basically accepted my condition and moved on. However, over the last year, I noticed that the hearing in my “good” ear was getting more impaired. After meeting with Drs. Boozan and Battat, I now have what I consider the miracle of the ages: a hearing aid that not only aids my “good” ear, but also transfers sounds from my deaf side to the other side. For the first time in my life, I do not have to have a certain seat at the dinner table when out with friends, the volume on the car radio and the TV are not at annoyingly high levels and my wife can now speak at a normal conversational tones around the house – and after 41 years of marriage, the learning curve is sort of steep for both of us! Thank you doctors for, as I said, a change in my life that has taken decades to come about.

— Sal Sciarrotta

I am a retired police officer having served 25 years, I also did volunteer ems/firefighting, as well as paid ems. Needless to say my hearing was very bad from all the sirens/air horns and being nearing guns being fired on the range without always wearing hearing protection.

After having my hearing tested I was told I had more than 20% hearing loss. I saw Dr. Battat, she recommended hearing aids for me. we choose the proper ones for me, molds were taken to insure an excellent fit. I could not believe the difference, I am not missing words of conversations, can hear the TV and radio great. The volume on the TV and radio is half of what it used to be.

My wife is very happy because I am not always saying what, what, what to her any more, in fact I am telling her to stop talking so loud!!! Dr. Battat I can not thank you enough, great job!!!

One more thing, one of my concerns was if the hearing aids would be visible when I had them in. They are completely out of sight which made me extra pleased with the results.

If you are concerned about your hearing, or need hearing aids please do not hesitate to make an appointment with Dr. Battat. She goes over every little detail, is very patient, and answered every question I had.

— Thomas Brown

Dr. Battat is an excellent audiologist. She tailors each hearing aid to the specific needs of each patient. She is very friendly, diligent, and patient in explaining all aspects of the use and care of the hearing aids.

Learning to use and care for hearing aids is a complicated process. But don’t give up! Like anything, I am finding it gets easier with practice.

— Jean L. Behrens

I chose Dr. Battat after the doctor of audiology that I had seen for years informed me she could no longer adjust my new hearing aids to suit me. I could not hear with them and was frustrated that my hearing was worse after spending thousands of dollars for new aids. On the very first visit, Dr. Battat told me the new aids were not strong enough for my hearing loss after she had examined my hearing. She interpreted the data expertly, explaining what she found in such a way as to be completely understood. After providing stronger receivers and making the necessary adjustments, she used another piece of equipment that showed I was losing sound from the small earbuds. She again explained that I needed custom molded ear molds to keep the sound in my ear cavity. Although I was already hearing better with the new strength, when the new ear molds were put on my hearing aids, it was amazing how much better I could now hear. I feel normal again and can interact with people instead of isolating myself. I would highly recommend Dr. Battat to anyone with hearing loss. She is a very professional, knowledgeable, caring, and kind doctor. I have worn hearing aids for 35 years and feel I finally found the best doctor of audiology. Dr. Boozan is the best ENT, and I have highly recommended him to others. He provides his patients with excellent modern equipment, and staffs his office with the best people in their fields. Thank you to everyone in this office, and a special thanks to both Dr. Boozan and Dr. Battat, for the care you have provided.

— Joann Bezek

Dr Battat recommended the Phonak V 70 312 hearing aids. When I asked her why she recommended these, she explained that she had fond that her patients had better results and fewer problems with these. I decided to try them. She fitted my hearing aids really well and was attentive to my problems and concerns throughout the fitting and followup process. I walked out of the office after the fitting feeling I had my natural hearing back after 7 years with older generation hearing aids—no more squawks, I could hear but wasn’t overloaded when I encountered sudden loud noises. I made notes of the situations when I couldn’t hear as well as I wanted to or the aids and streamer didn’t work as I expected and took the notes to my first and second followups. Dr Battat listened to all my questions and comments and responded to them with programs, advice, and additional technology. After each visit, my hearing in difficult situations improved. My advice to anyone considering these hearing aids is to practice using them in diverse situations, give feedback in order to get necessary improvements and then practice using them again.

— Judith Wooldridge

I have had my hearing aid since February 16. It was just nice to be able to hear what people were saying and to be able to be part of a group who were talking. It wasn’t a totally easy transition getting used to it. It takes patience. It doesn’t all come together immediately. I am so glad I did this.

— Carol Lesko

For two years I used an online purchased hearing augmenter. It worked just fine. Then, in 2015 I noticed changes in my other ear as well. Time for the next step. As an Avian biologist, I needed the high-pitched sounds restored for field work, censusing birds by ear. I needed to hear better at meetings.

Wow! What a difference programmable (but expensive) hearing aids made! Just less than a month into the new experience, I anticipate the expenditure to be well worth it.

Further more, the advice is that for best results, don’t wait too long- you don’t want to get to the point of no restoration.

— Hannah Suthers

Since childhood, I’ve been intrigued by the limitless variety of sounds in our lives. It is no surprise that I became a professional musician.

Imagine my distress when I realized that my ability to hear and enjoy music, my life-blood, was diminishing. My annual check-up with Dr Boozan supported my realization that I needed hearing assistance. He directed me to audiologist, Dr. Yasmin Battat. Hearing tests indicated that I could benefit from hearing aids.

Dr. Battat and I discussed my options and made a decision. She clearly described every step along the way and answered my many questions. We had several follow-up appointments for adjustments and to introduce me to the various technologies which my hearing aids provided.

I am so grateful to hear a range of sounds in my life once again. Total joy!

— Anonymous Patient

It was very easy working with Dr. Battat. The entire experience from start to finish has been a positive one. The hearing aids have been a great improvement in my life.

— Vincent Russoniello

My sister has been working with the audiologist, Dr. Yasmin Battat in Dr. Boozan’s practice, and she has been wonderful. My sister has dexterity problems with her hands, and Dr. Battat has been very patient and understanding, making sure she acquires the best possible type of hearing aid and fit that suits her specific health issues. Dr. Battat’s expertise and positive, patient and calming.

— Johanna Bianchini

As a satisfied user of an older Phonak hearing aid system for the past seven years, I became increasingly aware that my hearing loss was getting worse even with periodic adjustment to the hearing aids. I scheduled an audiology exam and subsequently was fitted with the new, state-of-the-art Phonak system. I was pleasantly surprised with the dramatic improvement in hearing. It has the ability to mask the effects of tinnitus, and its background noise rejection and improved directional hearing really increased my hearing ability. The new system finally permits a much lower volume control setting while watching television with its wireless feature of an adjustable volume control and phone conversational with both ears. My hearing ability has taken on a whole new dimension.

— Lt. Col. Michael, M. Lake Jr. USAF (Ret.)

Dr. Battat devoted much time and showed expert knowledge over a two month period to be sure I was properly fitted with the best hearing aid for me.

— Ted Kalkanis

P.S. I’ve learned that my two year- old car’s directional signals do make a clicking noise.

I was received by Dr. Boozan’s office. Yasmin Battat followed up with hearing care. My wife was a patient here a few years ago, and although I was apprehensive about addressing my hearing, I took on a positive attitude as I was 88 years old and I was going to make it work. Yasmin picked up on this and acted accordingly. She encouraged questions of all kinds and I added many, which she loved and welcomed. I allowed myself to trust the process and the proper care that was offered as much as I could (100%). I went through all the stages of learning, from inserting the devices, wearing them, changing the batteries; it was very important to learn to get them in correctly. My difficulty with hearing my own voice deeply was addressed and immediate care was taken, one hearing aid at a time. I thought at the time I was asking too much and she said “No, how can we know unless you bring these issues to our attention”. Both hearing aids were sent in for modification and the problem was addressed. Using the remote control feature has made hearing the TV easier for me.

It takes a lot of patience to handle my concerns, and I never thought it was this easy to accomplish. I enjoyed the care from the beginning to the end. There is no end because you can always call them if you need them.

— Ernest Mitrosky

I have been fitted with hearing aids and I am very pleased with the fit and function of the apparatus. I would also like to commend Ms. Yasmin Battat for being so kind and attentive to my questions and concerns. Her patience and knowledge have made this a very relaxing and pleasant experience. Kudos to the complete staff from the front desk all the way to Dr. Boozan.

— Juan Maldonado

I was recently fitted for my first set of hearing aids by Dr. Yasmin Battat and was very satisfied and would highly recommend her. Her knowledge and experience were evident in the detailed questions she asked about my hearing problems. She was very thorough in getting me the proper fit and in my being satisfied. She was always careful to ensure that I understood what she was doing and how it was going to help me. She took time to answer all of my questions and concerns. I felt that Dr. Battat really cared about me, not only as a patient, but as a person whose lifestyle could be improved through the benefit of her expertise.

— R. Benz

I would like to say I have been coming to this office for the past two years just to get a hearing aid in my left ear. My right ear had very little hearing so nothing was done with it at that time. Yasmin Battat, who I love, fitted me with a second one in my right ear which helped me hear much better. I was having noise in the left one which I could not find someone to get rid of without success. Yasmin changed a few things and persisted until she got rid of the noise. I am able to hear more clearly and it improved the sound when I go to church and can understand what the priest is saying, also watching TV is much better.

Thank you Yasmin, for getting me to where I am now.

— Maryann Krakosky